New Blog from Nyteowl: THE VIDJA GAMER !!

Greetings, I’m Jeremiah and you may know me as Nyteowl in the world of electronic music. I released a few albums over the past few years, including a nice triple vinyl release on Juno Records (UK) sub-label “Love Interest Records”. Well, I’m not only a fan and producer of electronic music, but I’m a game designer and avid game player. As I have gotten older and also been doing music professionally, my gaming habits have changed to be ultra- obsessive on a handful of tittles. There’s only a few hours left in my average day after all. So, the past few years this has been hundreds and hundreds of hours of Borderlands I, Borderlands II, Fallout, X-Com Enemy unknown, Mindless Tower Defense Games, and FIFA (12, 14). Yes there have been others, but these are my main squeezes.
Generally speaking my favorite game genre is Strategy RPG or Tactical RPG games. The best of the best in my eyes is Final Fantasy Tactics. Duh. Recently, I have also taken an interest in indie games via Steam. More on this in a future post.

In terms of game experience – I have worked in the biz in a few ways, mostly 10-13 years ago. First, I was a jack of all trades at Activision in Minneapolis, MN. I dealt with Licensing, Game Design, Production, and managed the art team for a while. Next, I worked as a Level Designer at New World Computing in sunny California.
New World was the best job I ever had – full of imagination, creative input, and personal fulfillment. I worked on a game that I was actually a huge fan of beforehand (Heroe’s of Might and Magic 4: Haven Campaign) and had a blast every single day. After 3DO went bankrupt, I did freelance game writing for a while, at places like Tom’s Hardware. That was my last paid game job.

So, what on earth has inspired this insipid blog? Well, long story short I am making games again and becoming an active member in the gaming community. So, if you are reading this get to know me.
Next blog post I want to tell you what I have been up to. I have been quite busy the past few months and not only want to share because it’s interesting and fun stuff, but also I learned a lot during this time and would like to share that knowledge as well.


-The Vidja Gamer


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