Moving to Washington, DC Metro Area in September!!!

I have some incredibly exciting news to share. I will be moving near Arlington, VA towards the end of September. This is a HUGE and quite scary step in my goal to work in the videogame industry again. Given all the complex factors involved in a cross-country move from Minneapolis, MN I can’t believe this is happening. I’m not 22 anymore.


So, there are easily a few companies I adore that will soon be in my backyard, which is fantastic. However, I also will be scanning for smaller studios. Lets not forget, I am independently working on 2 titles right now, with a third to follow when the time is right. So, my dream is in motion at this point. How lucky am I? Very lucky.

If anyone in the DC loop area comes across this blog, by all means send a hello my way as I’ll be looking to meet new friends in music and videogames. And as you imagine, my time is tight right now because I am working on official demo reel and a web portfolio, which I will link to this very blog. So my point is my updates won’t be as regular right now, but soon I’ll be posting the best of my work the past several months – which I’m pumped about.

Keep your eyes peeled – like onionz – until the next time,
The Vidja Gamer


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