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I AM LOST (prelim screen)

I started a few new maps today using the new Far Cry 4 editor. My favorite is a map I just started today called “I AM LOST”. It’s a puzzle/action game that will have multiple ways to get through to the objective. It might be “timed” to create even more stress.  Depends on how nice I feel.  There are plenty of game mechanics in the Far Cry 4 editor to make this an entertaining journey, even without focusing on combat.  My goal is to give it a grand, majestic and insurmountable feel. Here is an early screen capture:

Im Lost


Far Cry 4 Editor is out and it’s cool.

I started some maps. I have a ton of ideas for some cool level designs and “mini-games”. I love this editor but I wish I could use more textures and make a larger map. Check out some early screens of my texture and world building, below. I’ll let you all know when I have some playable maps completed.

coastal map 1

coastal map 2

coastal map 3

Map Nut,

The Vidja Gamer